We have two kind, caring, and professional female body piercers.
Walk in or schedule an appointment with them at your convenience.

What Are You Going To Wear Today?

Change your look as often as you want with specialty jewelry for your body piercings!

We carry specialty piercing jewelry including plugs, tunnels & spirals in glass, wood, and semi precious stone. Our selection of high end designer body jewelry by Noah Babcock, BVLA, Interstellar Jewelry, and NeoMetal is second to none!
Stop in and see Liv or Alexis 6 days a week for a piercing or jewelry purchase.  Our body piercers take great care to help you make the right choice in piercing placement and jewelry.
All body piercing service prices include basic starter jewelry. Get 20% off the piercing service fee when you upgrade your jewelry choice!


Liv is the resident Head Body Piercer at Westminster Tattoo Company. She specializes in facial and ear piercings.

View samples of her work below and her full portfolio & bio here.

Liv offers all basic body and facial piercings as well as microdermals and genital piercings.  Her assistant Alexis can perform basic piercings at an “apprentice” rate.  Follow us on Facebook to keep up with our monthly Body Piercing Specials.

neometal opals
colleen septum piercing
male nipple
NeoMetal & Noah Babcock

Under 18?

  • Children aged 3-15 years may have their earlobes pierced with a parent or guardian present.
  • Children aged 15 -17 years may be pierced with a parent or guardian present (no nipples or genital piercings).
  • In the case of 15-17yr old children, parent & child must have a State-Issued Photo ID with matching last names AND addresses. If last names or addresses differ please provide original (not a copy) birth certificate. If child does not have a State-Issued ID, a birth certificate along with a picture student ID can be used. If a legal guardian is bringing the child please provide court issued proof of guardianship.
under age ear piercing


If your jewelry falls out we will re-open or re-pierce you once, within 48 hours of your piercing service, free of charge.

If you lose your captive bead or barbell ball, we will replace it one time, free of charge, within 48 hours of your piercing service.

We guarantee all specialty jewelry (plugs, Interstellar Jewelry Productions, NeoMetal, and custom orders).

If an order is defective we will replace it within 7 days of sale.


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