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Westminster Tattoo Hours of Operation:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 11am – 7pm
Thursday: 11am – 4pm
Friday and Saturday: 12pm – 7pm

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Westminster Tattoo Company Standards:

  • We practice Universal Precautions.
  • Our current tattoo artist staff all have a minimum of 20 years experience.
  • We offer walk-ins, as well as appointments, for all services.
  • We will NOT provide tattoo services to anyone under the age of 18.
  • We enforce a strict “You MUST have State/Government Issued Photo ID” policy for tattoo and body piercing services.
  • We perform all basic body and facial piercings as well as microdermals and genital piercings. We do NOT perform surface piercings or any other piercing we deem “risky”.
  • Our tattoo artists & body piercers use ONLY single-use needles.
  • We provide both verbal & written care instructions.
  • Our body jewelry is strictly implant grade 316L surgical steel and G23 titanium.
  • Children aged 15 -17 years may be pierced with a parent or guardian present for these piercings ONLY: Nose, Navel and Cartilage.
  • Both parent and child must have a State-Issued Photo ID with matching last names AND addresses. If last names or addresses differ please provide a birth certificate to prove paternity. If child does not have a State-Issued ID a birth certificate along with a picture student ID can be used. If a legal guardian is bringing the child please provide official proof of guardianship.

We guarantee our work and our policies are as follows:

  • Sometimes a tattoo may require a touch up.  Please contact your artist to discuss within 6 weeks of service provided.
  • Defective jewelry will be exchanged within 30 days of sale.
  • If jewelry is lost from piercing we will re-open or re-pierce within 7 days of the initial piercing date free of charge.
  • Lost ends/balls will be replaced free of charge within 30 days of sale.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What do I need to get tattooed or pierced? You need to bring your State/Gov’t issued photo ID and a well rested, well fed (carbs are recommended!) relaxed self.
  • Can I have an adult beverage before I get tattooed or pierced? No, we cannot serve you if you are under the influence of alcohol and other such substances.
  • What about an over the counter pain reliever? Yes, as directed, provided it’s not a blood thinner because most anti-inflammatories and pain relievers contain blood thinning agents, these medications should be avoided. The exception is acetaminophen, this is a safe alternative that can be taken at any time before a tattoo or piercing.
  • Will I get lightheaded? I heard that can happen. We recommend you bring a “sugary” or caloric beverage to keep your blood sugar up as it’s normal for your blood sugar levels to drop while getting tattooed or pierced.  Yes, some people do get lightheaded, but it’s a very low percentage.
  • Does it matter what clothing I wear? Yes, please do dress accordingly with loose clothing that provides easy access to the area on your body where services will be performed.
  • I’m really hairy, should I shave the area for you? No, unless your artist recommends otherwise.  We don’t want you to risk a nick or razor-burn.
  • Do I need to prepare my skin for a tattoo? Please refrain from using heavy perfumes, lotions, or oils on the area to be tattooed.
  • Can I use numbing cream for a tattoo? No, you may not use any type of numbing cream and we will not tattoo you if you do use it, due to potential healing issues from such products.
  • I’m going to the beach a few days after my tattoo appointment, is that ok? No, you will need to keep your tattoo out of direct sunlight for 3-4 weeks and you definitely cannot swim in an ocean or pool or even soak in a hot tub.
  • Can I get a tattoo over sunburn? No, we cannot tattoo sun burned skin.  If you’re sun burned and have a scheduled appointment, you may want to contact your artist to inquire if your skin will be ok to tattoo.
  • I want a “private” piercing or tattoo, is that possible? We have both male and female body piercers and tattoo artists.  Our piercing room is private and we do have privacy screens for our tattoo stations that you’re welcome to request.  Please be sure to wear appropriate clothing.
  • Can I bring anyone with me while I’m getting tattooed or pierced? You may bring ONE person into the work area with you unless your artist says otherwise.  Our waiting room is available to your friends/family, however we do not allow anyone under the age of 16 to be unaccompanied by an adult.
  • How long will I be there? It varies, if you are on a tight schedule please consider that in addition to the time spent “in the chair”, you’ll also want to allow time for registration & aftercare instructions.
  • Will you tell me how to take care of my piercing/tattoo? Yes, we will provide both written and verbal aftercare.  Please consider that certain procedures require special healing conditions.  For example, a foot tattoo heals MUCH better if you can avoid wearing any footwear for the first week.  A tattoo on a back shoulder will heal better without a bra strap rubbing on it for the first week.  So please keep this in mind if you have any “special events”  scheduled for the 1st 7 days (and up to 2 weeks) after you get tattooed that may require certain types of attire.

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