About Us

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Westminster Tattoo Company Standards:

  • We practice Universal Precautions.
  • Our current tattoo artist staff all have a minimum of 20 years experience.
  • We will NOT provide tattoo services to anyone under the age of 18.
  • We enforce a strict “You MUST have State/Government Issued Photo ID” policy for tattoo and body piercing services.
  • Children aged 3-15 years may have their earlobes pierced with a parent or guardian present.
  • Children aged 15 -17 years may be pierced with a parent or guardian present (no nipples or genital piercings).
  • In the case of 15-17yr old children, parent & child must have a State-Issued Photo ID with matching last names AND addresses. If last names or addresses differ please provide original (not a copy) birth certificate. If child does not have a State-Issued ID, a birth certificate along with a picture student ID can be used. If a legal guardian is bringing the child please provide court issued proof of guardianship.
  • We perform all basic body and facial piercings as well as microdermals and genital piercings.
  • Our body piercing room is private and we have privacy screens for our tattoo stations if requested.
  • Our tattoo artists & body piercers use ONLY single-use needles.
  • We can provide both verbal & written care instructions.
  • Our body jewelry is strictly implant grade 316L surgical steel and G23 titanium. (We can order gold for you, too!)
  • We carry specialty piercing jewelry including plugs, tunnels & spirals in glass, wood, and semi precious stone.
  • We carry high end body jewelry designs by Noah Babcock, BVLA, and NeoMetal, as well as unique one of a kind pieces.
  • We offer Cosmetic Services including: Microblading, Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lift & Tint, and Brow Design.
  • We offer, by appointment with Laura Rachel, 3D Nipple/Areola Pigmentation tattooing.

We guarantee our work:

  • Sometimes a tattoo may require a touch up.  Please contact your artist to discuss within 6 weeks of service provided.
  • If your jewelry comes out we will re-open or re-pierce you once within 48 hours of piercing service free of charge.
  • If you lose your captive bead or barbell ball, we will replace it one time free of charge within 48 hours of piercing service.
  • We guarantee all specialty jewelry (plugs, Interstellar Jewelry Productions, NeoMetal, and custom orders).  If an order is defective we will replace it within 7 days of sale.

Westminster Tattoo Company